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ours is the fury.

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GRRM: Here's a highly intelligent, queer, sex positive woman of color in a position of real power as heiress to Dorne, who's POV is a major portion of the book and establishes her as a crucial character in the series, and on top of that is badass and sexy.
David Benioff and D.B. Weiss: Okay but what about that kid brother she had? The one with no lines? Let's just cut Arianne, age him up, and make him heir to Dorne. Because our show just doesn't have enough sexism yet.

Gotta love David and Dan. Just when you think they couldn’t sink any lower than gratuitous rape scenes, white saviour narratives, and fetishizing POC and women, they manage to outdo themselves.



idk why people don’t love anora more like come on she built a statue of her father overlooking the orlesian embassy


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icantbelieveimnotmelisandre replied to your photoset “Hello my name is Kalan and I’m 12 years old because I make dolls of my…”

this looks like a cool doolmaker

Go forth and make your own. 8D

Hello my name is Kalan and I’m 12 years old because I make dolls of my Bioware PC’s.

(Philippa Cousland, Elena Aeducan, Eira Mahariel, Matilda Hawke, and Ryelle Hawke)

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Cullen was the joke.

I thought it was Stannis. ;)

But really I like Cullen as much as I like TV!Robb Stark.

I love how no one wants Cumberbatch to be Doctor Strange.

Not even the Cumberbatch fans.

heretherebdragons murmured: Wow, the ones I would have guessed were already added (or eliminated) from the list. So . . . how about Harrowmont? LOL J/K, I mean Bhelen. Yeah. Prince Bhelen. ;)


Truthfully, he is the best choice for Orzammar I mean look at how nice he is.

But while Bhelen is one of my fav Dragon Age characters for reasons I have yet to understand, I THINK that Leliana is the only DA character I put on.


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catelyn murmured: shireen?

Nope, though I DO love her so much.

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