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If you make your Warden queen, just a reminder that DA 2 states the following:

…Both former Grey Wardens are wildly popular in their homeland, though some claim Alistair is not of Theirin blood and that his bloodline as a king’s bastard son is a lie imposed on Ferelden to depose Queen Anora. Thus, the royals’ rule has been plagued with trouble, both within the kingdom as well as with neighboring Orlais.

The same thing happens if you make Alistair solo king.

Meanwhile, if you marry Alistair to Anora (though sadly, we don’t get to see the solo!anora codex):

…Queen Anora, daughter of the legendary Teryn Loghain rules at his side. Although Ferelden has prospered under their reign, it was greatly weakened by the Blight.

So, it’s canon that if you marry Alistair to your Warden, regardless of who she is, Ferelden isn’t in as strong of a state as if you make your Warden queen or let Alistair rule alone.

As someone who has a Warden on the throne in one of my world states, I think it’s REALLY important to consider the implications of this, whether you like Anora or not.

This entire DA playthrough is basically Sam Surana telling people not to do the thing and then they do the thing anyways.

"You really like having Grey Wardens who want you dead?"

"Like I said, some of my best friends have wanted me dead. Stone, my younger brother even framed me for murder, causing an exile which he no doubt hoped I wouldn’t survive. When I returned to Orzammar, I ‘rewarded’ him by making him king. I’ll tell you this only once, though given my reputation, you might not believe me: I hate needless bloodshed. An enemy that can potentially be used as an ally is far more useful to me than a corpse that can be used for nothing."

"Then, is that why you asked Queen Anora to spare that Warden who deserted, Alistair? You thought he could be of use to you?"

"…No. That was sheer stupidity. "

- An Overheard conversation between Paragon Elena Aeducan and Warden Nathaniel Howe, 9:31 Dragon

If Vivienne and Solas don’t get along, I’m going to just assume it was of that time she tried to steal Merrill’s essence.


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(Link: asoiafkinkmeme.livejournal.com/22142.html?thread=15540862#t15540862)


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The telltale game of thrones game should really be about Stannis and his adventures uncovering everything before the first book.

Like honestly can you imagine how hilariously deadpan he would be?

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The real problem with books-turned-movies isn’t “omg they didn’t include every single word in the book” it’s “omg they completely overlooked the main theme, threw out any significant allegories, took away all the emotional pull, an turned it into a boring action movie with a love triangle in it”

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Given how the DA 2 elf update takes away a lot from Zev’s facial features, here’s my attempt at a morph that captures the original, while still giving him the more pronounced ears.

Top is his morph in the toolset and bottom is his look in-game.

Required mods are: Fmorgana and KaniHime’s textures (skin & eyelash) (available @ Ferelden Models on the Nexus as well as her personal blog), Vilissa’s “companion” eye textures, and SJC’s realistic skin tones (all available on the nexus).

.mor can be found here if anyone is interested.

Anonymous murmured: People want to feel sorry for everybody else in Game of thrones, but why not Petyr Baelish? Unjust things happened to him in his young life and turned him into what he is. I see why you don't like him, but can you feel no compassion for him?



Ok, ok, serious answer behind the cut.

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$20 says by “unjust things” anon means Cat refusing to sleep with him.